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Program Objective
Project Finance involves the raising of funds to finance an economically separable capital investment project in which the providers of the funds look primarily to the cash flow from the project as the source of funds to service their loans and provide the return of and a return on their equity invested in the project.
This is a practical course that provides executives, whether as financiers, sponsors, or professional support, an opportunity to understand the risk-return character of limited recourse projects from multiple perspectives. Case studies span a variety of sectors and geographical regions.

Key Benefits
Doing this course will help participants to -

  • Articulate what project financing is
  • Define the roles and objectives of the various participants
  • Assess the risks of the transaction from different viewpoints
  • Recite numerous examples and apply them to everyday
  • Know the basic term sheets, structures and legal documentation

Participant Mix:

  • Credit officers in banks
  • Project finance managers
  • Consultants,
  • Chartered accountants
  • Financial advisors

Day One:
Session One:

  • Difference between project financing and working capital financing:
    Objective: Basic difference would be discussed from tenure perspective and repayment perspective

    Take away for participants: Participants would be able to find out different parameters to be looked for working capital as-assessment and term loan assessment.
  • Risks associated with project financing versus working capital financing:
    Objective: Identification and understanding different important risks from financing perspective of working capital and project financing.

    Take away for participants: Participants would be able to take steps which are relevant for risk management of these two types of financing without wasting time and resources for irrelevant risk management concepts.
  • Linkage between project financing and working capital assessment:
    Objective: To build up concept to see the project financing as totality not in isolation.

    Take away for participants: Participants would be able to understand the importance of working capital linkage in project financing.
  • Arrival at the working capital requirement associated with project financing:
    Objective: To understand the concept of arriving at the techniques of working capital requirement for the entire project and importance of it in the overall evaluation of the project

    Take away for participants: Participants would be able to comprehend the entire process being followed in an organisation for assessment of working capital requirement .Participants would be also able to calculate the mechanism of calculating the same in Ms Excel
  • Determination of cost of project:
    Objective: To build up the correct concept of project cost. In the market, there are lot of ambiguity about determination of project cost. To make them understand clearly is the first step for project financing. Under this topic, it would be cleared in detail

    Take away for participants: Participants would be able to build up a complete understanding of project cost for different industries.
  • Techniques adopted for over financing the cost of project:
    Objective: To make the lenders aware about the market practices being followed for over financing projects and taking out money from such projects.

    Take away for participants: Identification of techniques and checking at the time of assessment such malpractices.

Session Two:

  • Means of Finance:
    Objective: To understand the meaning of means of project finance.

    Take away for participants: Participants would be able to understand the concept and meaning of means of finance. This would help them to correlate the means of finance with project evaluation steps.
  • Different sources of means of finance
    Objective: To make the participants aware different sources from which project financing need can be met.

    Take away for participants: Participants would be able to know the different sources of finance and this would help them to raise fund at a better cost
  • Concept of margin money:
    Objective: To understand the concepts of different types of margin money and to break the wrong concepts prevalent in the marked associated with margin money.

    Take away for participants: Different forms of margin money and use of appropriate margin money to reduce the cost of fund for project. Application of subordinate debt in the margin money.
  • Tying up of working capital:
    Take away for participants: Objective: Creating awareness about the practical aspects of tying up of working capital.

    Take away for participants: Understanding the entire practical issues associated with tying up of working capital with lenders prevalent in India. This would reduce the time required for such tying up
  • Sources of means of finance:
    Take away for participants: Objective: To make them aware the steps followed in financial forecasting in Ms Excel.

    Take away for participants: Participants would be able to pre-pare the financial forecasting within shortest possible time by way of creating efficient Excel spreadsheet.
  • Techniques of financial forecasting
  • Techniques for preparation of projected P&L , Cash Flows and Balance Sheet.
  • Techniques of use of industry data and incorporating the same in the P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet.
  • Incorporation of fiscal incentives / penalties in projected financial statement.
  • Preparation of projected cash flows from financial statements.

Day Two:
Session Three:
One case study along with MS Excel exercise would be carried out by the trainer. The participants would be provided hand holding for preparation of financial forecasting of a project from a case study by incorporating relatively moderate level of complexity of a project.

Session Four:

  • Concept of Net Present Value:
    Take away for participants : Objective: To understand the NPV and IRR concepts clearly from practical point of view and how it is applied in project evaluation process.

    Take away for participants: Use of NPV and IRR concepts in project evaluation followed in practice .
  • How to calculate the Discounted Cash Flow:
    Take away for participants: Objective: To use the appropriate discount rate for preparation of discounted cash flow.

    Take away for participants: Preparation of discounted cash flow for any time period and for any frequency.
  • What is the appropriate Discount Rate ?
  • Calculation of appropriate discount rate:
    Take away for participants : Objective : How to calculate appropriate discount rate in practice .

    Take away for participants: Calculation of appropriate discount rate for projects to be carried out by large company , small and medium company in Indian perspective.
  • Concept of Cost of Capital
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
    Take away for participants : Objective : Calculation of cost of capital for diversified business interest companies .

    Take away for participants: Use of appropriate WACC for project evaluation in a diversified business interest companies.
  • Application of WACC in discount rate.
    Take away for participants : Objective : Use of WACC to find out NPV and IRR of the project .

    Take away for participants: Establishing conceptual and practical linkage between WACC , discount rate and evaluation methodology .

Session Five:

  • Capturing financial uncertainty with Project Finance
    • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Simulation Analysis
      • Normal Simulation
      • Monte Carlo Simulation
    • Calculation of multiple NPV’s
      Take away for participants :Objective : Making participant understand the importance of capturing uncertainty in the project appraisal which are not being followed very diligently.

      Take away for participants :Conceptual understanding of uncertainty and methods of handling them in the real life.
    • Methods of uncertainty capturing in project finance
      Take away for participants :Objective : Creating awareness of different accepted methods to capture uncertainty associated with a project

      Take away for participants :Application of methods of capturing uncertainty in real life situation.

Session Six:

  • Industry Analysis:
    Take away for participants :Objective : Methods of carrying out industry analysis and its application of project finance

    Take away for participants :Techniques of real life industry analysis being followed in project finance.
  • Company Analysis
    • Company’s Financial Risk
    • Company’s Operational Risk
      Take away for participants :Objective : Importance of company analysis in the project finance evaluation process .

      Take away for participants :Techniques being followed in real life for company analysis .
  • Project Risk
    • Risk associated with quality and steady availability of inputs
    • Risk associated with the timely completion of the project

Session Seven:
Writing a project appraisal note: The participants would be given a case study of power project from where appropriate methodology would be adopted for arriving at a proper project appraisal notes.

Session Eight :

  • Asset Liability Management and Project Finance of the banking system
  • Methods for managing asset liability management and Project Finance for Project Finance
  • RBI regulation on concept of securitization and take out financing

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