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Open Source Software Development Platforms – Lower TCO
As the name suggests, “Open Source” that means source codes for application development & design are available free and openly from internet without any proprietary license or patent. As per business requirements, customization could be done easily with open source software. It is also easily integrated with powerful programming languages like C#, C++, C, etc. Developers find a unique benefit that it allows them to reuse the codes and components, therefore the application could be updated in future by community driven developers. With large availability of free to download plug-ins it is highly cost effective and there is large pool of manpower & resources available especially in India.

Unlike commercially licensed software, open source software development platform offers lower TCO (total cost-of-ownership), enhanced interoperability, faster time-to-market and technology transparency. Open Source Software also enables companies to access expert resources and components that accelerate the development and release processes. TechFeat Consulting has the tools, processes and experience necessary to develop innovative open source software products quickly and cost effectively. We have core competency in Open Source Software development and have been offering Open Source Software driven solutions to our clients since our operations started. Our experience & talent pool give us that extra edge to be able to deliver cost effective and totally functional solutions to our clients. TechFeat Consulting has a team of professionals who are skilled in Open Source development space having experience on many of the most widely used open source systems.

Methodology of Open Source Development
An open source system is an application of software environment, whose source code is available for modifications, customization and integration the way it suits your requirements. The application gives us a framework which can further be customized to build client specific requirements based applications.

Spectrum of Open Source Solutions

  • Open Source Content Management System ( Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, Plone, etc)
  • Open Source Online E-commerce Solutions ( CRE Loaded, X-cart, Zen Cart etc)
  • Open Source Blogging Software (Wordpress)
  • Open Source learning Management System (Moodle)
  • Open Source Framework (CakePHP, Ruby on Rails)
  • Open Source Customer Relationship Management (VTiger CRM, Sugar CRM)

Why go for Open Source Software Solutions

  • Reduced Cost Factor in the range from 65% to 80% compared to a product developed from scratch
  • Time for the Development is reduced around 50%
  • A huge community supports these open source software products, giving you free plugins and development support
  • Dependency of vendors and requirement of license renewal are neutralized
  • Get quick fixes frequently, quickly and have the features enhanced regularly

Examples of Open Source Software

Programming related

  • PHP   - server-side programming language
  • PERL   - Dynamic programming language
  • Python   - versatile, clean and powerful programming language used for cross-platform desktop applications, server-side scripting for websites, and scripting within java and .net environments
  • Java   - Programming language
  • MySQL   - Database management system
  • Mono   - Free and open-source cross platform .NET implementation
  • GTK   - Popular widget toolkit for the X Window System, for creating graphical user interfaces
  • QT toolkit   - cross-platform application development framework
  • KDevelop   - Programming IDE for Linux / UNIX
  • Eclipse   - software framework and Java IDE
  • GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)   
  • OpenCV - Real-time computer vision function library

Operating systems and Desktop environments

  • Linux   - Operating system kernel
  • Ubuntu   - Linux distribution   with full complement of software for everyday use. See also Kubuntu   that runs the KDE desktop which some people find this easier if they previously used MS Windows. Ubuntu is an easy to use operating system based on and made possible by the Debian   project.
  • Google Chrome OS   - Lightweight operating system based around the web browser
  • Android smart-phone operating system   - by Google / Open Handset Alliance
  • Symbian smart-phone operating system   - by Nokia
  • MeeGo smart-phone operating system   - joint venture between Intel and Nokia
  • BSD   - Operating system
  • Darwin   - The core of Apple's Mac OS X   operating system
  • GNOME   desktop environment for Linux (and Unix)
  • KDE   desktop environment for Linux (and Unix)
  • Xfce   lightweight desktop environment for Linux (and Unix)

Graphics and multimedia

  • GIMP - Bitmap graphics editor, similar to Adobe Photoshop
  • Inkscape   - Vector graphics editor
  • VNC   - cross-platform remote desktop utility. For example it enables a Mac to control a Windows or a Linux PC (or vice-versa)
  • Blender   - Advanced 3D modeling and rendering application. Gallery
  • Art of Illusion   - Java based 3D modeling and rendering application with an intuitive user interface. Gallery
  • VideoLAN   - cross-platform media player capable of playing most video file types
  • Miro video player - cross-platform media player that can automatically download videos from RSS-based "channels" and play videos sequentially from a playlist
  • Songbird - similar to iTunes with built-in browser. Screencast
  • Audacity   - digital audio editor
  • Ardour - digital audio workstation
  • Scribus - Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  • F-Spot - Photo manager

Office software

  • OpenOffice.org - office productivity software. Comparable to Microsoft Office. As well as having using an open file format it can read and write Microsoft Office files
  • NeoOffice - Mac OS X version of OpenOffice
  • KOffice   - office suite for KDE desktop (Unix / Linux)
  • AbiWord - word processor
  • Evolution - personal information manager
  • PDFCreator - creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer (Windows only)

Internet related software

  • Apache webserver   - web server
  • Bit Torrent   - distributed file-sharing
  • Mozilla Foundation   
  • Mozilla Firefox - web browser
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - mail client
  • WebKit   - HTML rendering engine developed by KDE, Apple and Google. Core of Safari, Google Chrome and Konqueror browsers
  • Google Chrome   - Google's web browser
  • Sendmail   - email transfer agent
  • Pidgin (software)   - multiple-protocol instant messaging
  • Diaspora   - distributed social software

Content management systems

  • Joomla!   - CMS
  • Alfresco - CMS
  • MediaWiki   - wiki content management software. AdCiv.org is powered by MediaWiki
  • Drupal   - modular content management framework and blogging engine
  • Plone   - python-based CMS

Other Open Source Software

  • Celestia 3D space simulation software. For a tour of its capabilities, select 'Run demo' from the 'Help' menu. Gallery and add-ons
  • NASA worldwind - virtual Earth / Moon / Mars software
  • FlightGear - flight simulator
  • Second life   - virtual world viewer (as in a virtual reality, rather than a virtual Earth model)
  • FreeMind - mind mapping software
  • Stellarium - planetarium software for accurate representations of the night's sky from any location or time
  • K3b   - CD and DVD authoring application for Linux
  • phpMyAdmin   - web front-end for MySQL database management system
  • Vega Strike   - Space flight simulator and trading game
  • Wine - a compatibility layer for computers running Linux that enables them to run many applications that were originally written for MS Windows
  • Freemat - environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing

TechFeat offers a range of development, customization and implementation services of open source be it from one of the above or something which you might need to be built from the scratch. Please contact us for more information.


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